Our team has more than 25 years of experience in the wood processing industry. Whether it is to optimize existing equipment or to set up a new acquisition, we will be able to help you.

Automation in the field of wood is now a must to optimize production. Better management of your equipment will have beneficial repercussions on your production speed, on your product quality, on the management of your inventories, on the autonomy of your employees and on many other aspects. The smallest optimization can have very big advantages.

  • Production line automation.
  • Automation movements of rules, saws, lasers, etc…
  • Automation inputs and outputs of production machines
  • Control of production machinery.
  • PLC programming
  • Electrical and control panels

Several systems can be integrated to optimize efficiency:

  • Automatic measuring system
  • Optimization of edging for flooring, components, panels, dimensional wood, etc.
  • Applies to fixed or moving saw edgers
  • Easy creation of controls, edging recipes and mandrels
  • Information kept in memory for future use

Management System trimmer

  • Automated wood measuring system with automatic acquisition of grades with sensors, or with keyboard, or console with buttons
  • Board information display at the selection station
  • Very fast decision-making
  • Performance display of each board edging
  • Integrates easily with the production line, generates tally sheets and package labels
  • Can create universal bar codes (UPCs), print them and apply them automatically on each board for retailers
  • Can be paired with an ink jet marking system
  • Offers great flexibility for customer’s special orders

Edge optimization system

  • Cutting sheets can be created in the office and sent to workstations
  • Several stations can work on the same cutting sheet
  • Real-time update on all workstations and in the office
  • The system compiles the quantities produced, the volume of wood entering, the yield of the raw material, the discharges and the output of the operators in terms of product volume and produced dollars.


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