Milling / Food

Our expertise of more than 15 years with the milling equipment, gives us a better overview of your projects.

From the optimization of the equipment control in place, to the integration of a complete system in factory management.

From raw material to finished product, the systems we install are able to monitor them. Connecting automated control systems to your organization’s accounting system to make your facilities more stand-alone and reduce manual transactions is one of the many innovations we integrate.

Our services:

  • Outdated System (control) Replacement
  • Cube Machine Safety
  • Adding product traceability system
  • Control Panel Modernization
  • Upgrading Automated Equipment
  • Management System Integration

In the last few years, we have been integrating MJ system into several facilities. This brings a new way of controlling milling. We integrate innovative solutions into industry vision 4.0.


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